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Well college is stressing me the fuck out.  I'm stuck between two....I feel like I will always make  a mistake!
And not to mention i have gained 20 pounds.  Yay me.
and I'm still stressed that parkboard hasn't called.


Laura Prepon to guest star on 'Castle' as 'Nikki Heat' actress
Friday, October 29, 2010
Posted by Corinne Heller at 10:56:59 AM PDT

Laura Prepon of That '70s Show is set to guest star on the ABC mystery series Castle as Natalie Gray, an actress who will play fictional heroine Nikki Heat in a film adaptation of protagonist Richard Castle's crime novels that will be depicted on the show.

Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, based his character Heat on Kate Beckett, a New York detective played by Stana Katic. The two have worked together to solve crimes since he initially asked to shadow her for research purposes.
Prepon, 30, is set to appear in a Castle episode in early 2011, an ABC spokesperson said. Her character, Gray, will travel to New York and shadow Castle and Beckett during a case, which revolves around the murder of a millionaire matchmaker.

Castle is currently on its third season.

Prepon shot to fame playing red-headed Donna on the sitcom That '70s show, which also launched the careers of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. The series ran from 1998 to 2006. Prepon has since guest starred on House, M.D., How I Met Your Mother and In Plain Sight.

Kathy Griffins Reaction to Levi

I love her.
Everyone must watch this.


Im happy :)
Things have been looking up for me, i think..  Idk.  At least i'm not down in the dumps.  Things are going good with my "friends" and my best friend.  And I don't really have a job still...but i'm okay with that ;).  And i'm just having fun. 
So yay! I hope you all are okay.  I'm about to have a Melrose Place marathon.  YUP

TV Day.

I'm catching up on like all of my DVR recordings. 
I watched Meggles in Party Down <3
and now CASTLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  Dana's episode of course. 

Poor Danaaaaa

Sad to read our lady got in a car crash, but she was lucky as she only broke two fingers. How Megan Hunt of her.

happy 4th of july to all of those here at home, and happy summer to those abroad, except of course our southern hemisphere friends.

i am typing with one hand because, i got hit by a bus. literally! my car was totaled and i am lucky that i only broke two fingers. it was a great lesson in humanity. the woman behind me who was honking incessantly for me to turn, left the scene of the accident without bothering to see if i was ok. and yet a total stranger sat with me for an hour and then drove me home. she was my angel. the fact that the bus driver asked for my autograph after plowing into me, i am choosing to ignore. as i said, i am lucky to be alive.

a further irony is that my character in "body of proof" has a car accident in the pilot and her hands go numb. let's hope that all i have are fingers that will heal.

the next day i observed an autopsy with our wonderful tech advisor. it was a privilege and utterly fascinating. we are given these machines(our bodies) that work in the most miraculous of ways. how could we not take care of them? I, for one, feel like it is a gift that we must honor. and if anyone out there smokes- stop!

i am heading to RI in a week or so. it feels a bit daunting- like starting college in a new town. buying sheets and towels and all that- but it's the adventures that keep us engaged.

thanks for being such regular members of the IHOP! i actually mentioned you all when i accepted the audience award for Desperate Housewives in Monte Carlo. it's you that make my work possible. and as you know, i love what i do.

take care- and watch out for busses running yellow lights! life is precious.


Hey you.

Leave me alone.
I want ...to be...alone.
No one cares about me...I can't wait to get out of this stupid town and get on with my life. 
I hope in college i will make actual friends...a GIRL friend. (not lesbian)

This girl i thought was my friend...only uses me for a punching bag.  And i hate it.  I take so much of her crap..and she turns her whole family against me.  They ALL treat me like i'm a rude monster, but in fact SHE is the monster. 
I just don't get it. 
I can't ever form my feelings into words either...so i always just lose the argument.  
Though anyone i talk to..believes she is awful to me, and they don't know why i talk to her. 
Honestly i have no idea.  Besides the fact that i DO love her as a friend.  I love when we're together...but...she's a real bitch apart. 
I can't explain to you in more detail...because my mind is retarded and just can't think of anything to say at 2 a.m   But yea...
I wish she'd treat me with respect...and kindness...
thats all i'm asking for.  All the put downs...and the deviousness.  And bitchyness...just PISSES me the fuck off. 
I really just want to stop talking to her because i know she'll do the same shit over and over again.  And i don't deserve to be treated like that.
It's not fair.
But yet i don't want to stop because she is my friend on a certain level...and if i'd lose her then i'd have NO one.  I mean NO one.  (Oh btw, this is the part where she'd come in all bitchy and be like "SHE HAS FRIENDS!!! SHE HAS SAM AND BEN!! SHE WAS WITH THEM THE OTHER DAY! *BITCH BITCH BITCH*. And then i'd tell her they aren't friends.  Because..they aren't.  They are guys that i talk to when i have nothing to do out in this damn cornfield called Iowa.  SO SHUT UP AND GROW UPPPPPPPPP.  Jesus Christ.  that pisses me off.  ANYWAY)
And sometimes I think being treated like shit is better than being so alone you wanna scratch your eyeballs out. 

I need her in my life...but not her fucking disrespect and rudeness.  She's unbelievably awful.  No one would put up with this.  I wish someone would do it to her.  See how she likes it. 
She needs to be put in her place by someone other than me.  Because obviously that doesn't work. 
She argues with me until she thinks she's won, and then she'll block me and go run off to her mommy.  The gossip duo. 
I can't think of anything else at 2:30 am....
i will be back though. 


Soooo happy :P
Just came back from California with Maddie, and i had A BLAST.  I'm pretty sure this trip was better than our last one.  We met so many amazing people, and traveled to new and exciting places and it was just so fantastic, i'll never forget it.   We got to meet some great people from Americas Got Talent :), and then a guy named Anthony from South Africa.  We didn't get to see Marcia this trip buuuuuuuut we did SO much better.   We met Richard Burgi!!!!
*starts to pant*
I'll never forget that experience.  He called me Bree!  Lol.  He called us up and told us to meet him in Laguna Beach, so of course we did!  We went and ate at a little place in Laguna, and i totally thought we killed him!  Because there was glass in his drink, and he could've really gotten hurt!  Luckily he figured it out before he sucked it up or something.  ANYWAY.  Richard=amazing.

I'll come back and type more about this fantastic trip, but right now i have to go to the dentist :/

life lately

Sooo...life lately, is not as fun or amazing as i'd hoped it would be.  In fact, it's gotten so complicated..that i'd swear i'm a 40 year old in a 17 year olds body. 

i've done so much i can't even catch you up atm.  So i'll just start posting things that are on my mind RIGHT NOW.

Okay, so my grandfather just passed away :(.  He was all i had left of my grandparents, and he's gone.  I miss them all so much.  I feel alone...even though i'm constantly surrounded by people, i still feel alone.  I had to watch for almost a year, him just suffering in pain, until he finally diminished into nothing.  It was so hard.  I HATE YOU DUMB CANCER!!! FUCK YOU! It's taken 3/4 grandparents! FUCK YOU CANCER.  

So yea, i'm depressed.

And i'm not even gonna go into my guy troubles right now.  Lets just keep it simple.  Guys are dumb.  They will never understand us, so i'm not going to bother. 

And now my grades, i've been so upset lately, and just down, i CANNOT concentrate, it's horrible.  I have a 79 percent in like all of my classes.  Enough to just make me throw a temper tantrum.  I've never had this bad of grades in my life. 

I've had to handle so many things that teenagers shouldn't be faced with, and it sucks...my life is just falling apart it seems.  And no one seems to care!  Or no one has time to care.  It's unfair...and my feelings are hurt all the time...i just...i don't know.  I wish things were different sometimes.  

And on TOP of all that joy, i've gained ten pounds.  yup.  Great.  Joy.  I've gained ten freaking pounds, and you can't imagine what that does to someone who only used to eat 700 cals a day!  

Anyway, what i'm trying to say is...i feel alone, and upset, and hurt, and just sad.  I hate having to post things like this, but i just like to get it all off my chest.  :( 


I read dear john, i finally read a book :).  It was fun lol.  But the ending was just SAD.  And now i'm reading Lovely Bones.  And i'm going to see Rascal Flatts tomorrow, so that should be fun!  I'll post pics maybe :)


Well.  It sucks.

(lol that ^ just reminded me off a dh moment.  "Why are you telling me this...?"  "Well.  They're naked.")

SChool sucks yea.  I have...Psychology, Ceramics, Contemporary World Lit, and Drawing..

Okay, doesn't SOUND bad, but it is.  I've never done more running around in my life!!!  I'm running constantly, like a maniac.  i'm purely exhausted.

Psychology is my only good class really. 

Ceramics, is easy.  World lit is...wow...hard/ easy.  Drawing is okay, kinda boring. 

I think it will get better.  Maybe?  Idk.  Hopefully. 

Well..oneweek down.  8 moer to go BLAH